6th Search Lesson Plans

What a wonderful first semester! I am wishing each of you a blessed 2013 as we continue to embark on our journey together to help your children reach their potential this year and beyond!

This year has been one of treading new waters together as we get acquainted with and prepared for the implementation of Common Core next year. Your children have been working so diligently as we have learned new things together. I have been so impressed thus far.

My intentions for the next semester are as follows:
– I am going to require Vocabulary Assignments to be completed in 1 week! They will have from Monday to Monday, with a test being the Friday in between.
– They will continue to read 2 hours a week and complete the reading log and the agenda each week.
– They will have regular bell ringer activities as they enter the classroom, requiring them to write two sentences daily using their knowledge and some creativity.
– We will read many novels this nine weeks, many of the classics to better prepare them for high school literature experiences that they will have later in life. We will have discussions, written responses and various activities for each novel.
– They will complete a nonfiction project. As of now, the date is undetermined at the moment. Presentations will be a large part of the project and grade.

Hope this helps give you a little more for the remainder of the year. As always, if you have any questions, please ask!